Monday, May 14, 2018


This is some awesome news I heard yesterday from my friend and Operation: Silver Moon partner in crime, Rick Johnson.

Reposting Rick Johnson: "Today I attended Yomucon at the main branch of The Tuscaloosa Public Library and received some heartwarming news. The graphic novel Operation Silver Moon (written by Bobby Nash and illustrated by me) is now on the shelves of all branches of the library. A thank you shout out to Kellie Aldridgedge. Looking forward to next year's con."

A big thank you to the Tuscaloosa Public Library and Kellie Aldridgedge for choosing to shelve our graphic novel for readers to enjoy. Rick and I understand that shelf space is limited and are thrilled to be on the shelves in your branches. Learn more about the library at

Want to see Operation: Silver Moon (or any of our books) in your library? Ask your librarian to order a copy. who knows, they might just do it.

Learn more about Operation: Silver Moon at


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